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vice-treasurer: LI TING
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green activist: JIEN HSIU & LYNETTE
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sports leaders: GARY & ZHENG FENG
av members: SAMUEL & TITUS
councillors: LEONA & NICOLE

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FIRST runner-up class for sec one orientation camp; SECOND for recycling day animal making thing: the PEACOCK;
sec 1 class with rocket going LONGEST distance for learning carnival '06;
FIRST for cross country group run(yes.the gold colour medal that goes bling bling);
1st,3rd and 9th for boys cross country race, and 3rd girl;

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6/10 Friday : Maths Paper 1 & 2
9/10 Monday : Scinece
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The Blabbermouthings


Monday, December 25, 2006
Yo YO yo people!!!

Bla bla bla.. i know man the holidays are ending, i'm not here to crap or what so ever.. but i'm here to ask you guys about another class gathering this year, well ya hmm you might be this year and Start of next year... Ok here goes..

Well how about this gathering on 31'st of December?? Well actually wanted to go to vivo there and count down, BUT the sad thing to say is that we are under age ( age limit 16 -.- crap lor ) Thus, i was wondering if you guys like want to meet up maybe at afternoon around 2-3pm at junction 8 FIRST, or anywhere you can suggest.. there we shall head for where ever we want to, and during the night we'll go to vivo to see the lightings.. and lastly if you guys want, since we cant celebrate it in vivo city, lets go to hmmm east coast park there?? So there we can have our own count, OR you guys want that gathering to be just on East Coast Park, during the afternoon we go there for fun till the night for the 2007 count down and farewell 2006 as class 1e5'06 eh??

So let me know if you parents allow you guys to go back so late.. You can either sms / call / email / msn me.. or or tag in the tagboard.. well i hope this is a gather that will be another success and have fun together again.. so tell me hows ya thinking man...

- ang3r -

8:01 PM

Thursday, December 14, 2006
Hey peeps!

I hope you guys are enjoying your holidays.

Okay. The reason for me posting today is 'cause I've got details on a motivational course that I thought might interest you guys.

Basically it's on the 27 Dec [this year. duh.], Wednesday, @ Safra Yishun. It's a full day program, indoors AND outdoors. NO, it's NOT free. As you guys know, all good things have to be paid for. But don't worry, meal fee is included.

Sneek peak: Got tree-top canopy walk sia... ;)

Okay then. If you guys are interested, do tell me via email [], and please include your parents and your own email for my mom to send you the details. Any queries you many also email me.

CHEERS everyone and do enjoy whatever's left of the holidays!

[P.S., if you are a guest not from 1e5/whatever, you too may email me if you wish to join. For ages 11-16. :D]

3:42 PM

Monday, December 11, 2006

Here's e new blog:

Okay people, i know it's damn plain right now but gimme time and it'll look tons better once i get the hang of my new art software.

In the meantime you guys can go see, then email me your comments and suggestions or just post em on the tagboard.

CHEERS everyone and have a great holiday ahead!

12:05 PM

Monday, November 06, 2006
Woooooooooooooo~! THE GREAT SAM IS BACK.*matrix movement,avoids lotsa shalala*
back to announce something.since this is the hols,i've un banned not 1 , not 2,not 3 , not a,not al but ALL of the ips banned throughout the year!What a delight!ok. end of

dat was dumb.

-Sam was here :) happy hols everybody :)

9:25 PM

Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Gary looked so cute when hes sleeping..
lesbians alert!!! sibyl and melanie!!
ta-dang! thats the worm we're talking about..some more is 1 chio worm!

whose this? aint that a sexy style,posture!! haha

2:21 PM

actually nth much to add on lah. just that aft we check out, me, lynette, alcina, gary, jien siu and rui han went to play basketball. then followed by bowling without alcina. cos she not free later on. and i DIDNT snore lah. is cos i got breathing difficulties due to blocked and running nose. so when i breathe, SOUNDED like snoring only. k, watever. yeah, in the end we only do some lame stuff there lor. like wat gary said, we didnt make use of the facilities there, like www, escape and so on. some ppl think is boring whereas the rest no money or something.. but still, we managed to have lots of fun together although we didnt really go to those places. love the part when we gambled!! was really funny that sam didnt win any money for 3 times, continuously, when he could had. HAHA. sam, not my fault that i win money frm u okay. haha. at least in the end i lended u money. but all i have to say is that we really had fun every single sec during the chalet!!!!

12:05 AM

Monday, October 30, 2006
Woo!time for chalet!....huh? ENDED ALREADY?! damn,3 days so fast de sia...damn sad.anyways,the chalet*thinks whether to tell the truth and leave the ppl who didnt go disappointed or make them happy by saying otherwise...* okok la. quite fun but oso a little bit boring ESPECIALLY the part HAN JIEN HSIU made mi lose $5.80!!! :'( damn sad la.. first night was all movie watching and bbq-ing...quite fun, especially when we watched SCARY MOVIE 4 ! after that was supper time!after supper we went to lan and gone back to chalet to play dai di.after that some of us took a nap and was RUDELY awaken by SOME ppl to go and watch the sun rise.started of with a little ppl and ended up with lots of ppl following about 6+, the sky started to light up. the next thing we realised was, THE SUN WAS RISING FROM BEHIND us! went back to the chalet and took a little nap.
Woke up next morning,took 1 whole hr for every1 to wake up and wash up!after that,BREAKFAST~!
Lesson learnt : NEVER buy ice milo or tea there,1 too sweet, 1 not sweet. interesting ?
Next: X-square/arcade trip. the guys went to the entrance of the x square to wait for them to open,but the fat dude dun wan to let us in at 9.30+,wait until 9.59, finally open.booked 4 x-boxs, the dudes played for 1 hr except for jie en and jovon and the rest went to the arcade. the 2 popular games : initial D and daytona!
So damn fun!Ryan was like looking down on us as he had a better car in the game and let us go first, after a few hundred metres, he will start to move and catch up . was faster than him at the turns in the first game but still lost eventually.after that many ppl challenged him,but onli 1 won him (i think) THE LEDGENDARY LYNETTE ONG.with her super powerful & rich (no link) car , she successfully won ryan!cheers~!after that was daytona,so fun!5 devils compete against each other, the players were mi,mel, gary,lynette,jovon,jie en,jien hsiu,rui han , justin,sharmaine and alex ( i tink) did i leave any1 out? O.o so many ppl, of course we took turns to play.after that , we went to pasir ris park to cycle.super expensive!1 hr $5!we cycled to the play ground and had some fun doing that. some of us raced some of us slowly cycled and some of us almost fell XD.i left the crowd for a while to buy a drink and returned awhile ltr so i dont noe wad fun!alcina ,gary and justin wanted a drink and it was so fun passing the bottle arnd!2 of us wld ride using 1 hand and the other hand will be stretched out to recieve/pass the bottle.
Climbed the spiderweb and the mini spiderweb.the guys quickly climbed up, gary,alex and i slowly climbed up.DAMN SCARY!ryan kept on jumping and shaking.mi and gary shouted and scolded him.after that , we went back as 1hr had already passed.we split into small grps and met back at the my grp,we went to the route towards the stable to take a glance at the horses.then we rode in 1 straight line and i to overtake.i suddenly turned and lim pin suddenly breaked and flew up!SORRY! he bleed quite a bit. :( then we returned our bikes and went back to chalet. when we reached, many left the chalet,after alex left, the whole place became dam quiet.decided to go to eXplorerkid but many thought it was expensive and didnt go.after that went to cheers to buy maggie mee.went ate lunch and watched crayon shinchan.took a nap.after that,we all played black started off with mi,gary and melanie but ended up with 10 ppl playing.mel was the banker throughout until i wanted to test my luck. for 3 games i "luckily" got diamond A and Q. I SHD HAVE WON (9*2)*20 cents* 3!!!! but then SOME ppl went to mess it up :( oh well,had a good laugh and then every1 changed into our banana suit! the yellow banana gang then went to macs to eat dinner!rui han is freaking disgusting!he SUCKS.i mean literally. he SUCKS curry sauce and tomato sauce STRAIGHT from the plastic thingys~!
after that i said :" lets go to the arcade" and gary's reply was :"siao late liao still open meh"
*looks at watch* "now's onli 8+" lol,every1 thought it was onli 11 pm+ already! i guess time crawls when u lose money :(
went to arcade-friggin counter girl stopped us!"NO sch a t-shirts allowed."
went to x-square. no one stopped us!we happily squeezed into the theathre "cozy" and not to mention."smelly ". every1 got into position but to find out that the dude was going to call the police or something and every1 got out. all of us weren't happy but no choice,had to go back to chalet.
after that, melanie,lynette,justin and i went to the lan shop.$3.50 per/hr! played for 1 hr and went back.went back,did a little bit of stupid stuff and went to bed.woke up this morning, alcina talked about how all of us slept and said that sib,mel and i snored,leona sleep talked and i slept like a worm, moving about.
leona,bridget,jana and sib went for breakfast first and the rest of us packed up our stuff and got ready for check out.played black jack agian! no money, borrowed money from mel,jien and gary.after that,bought myself breakfast and went home:(

thats pretty much wad happened during the 3 days,i dont noe wad happens next,if alcina or mel is reading,edit hor. but to much sadness,NO WILD WILD WET OR EXPLORERKID! i've been SADDENED!:( hope our next gathering / chalet actually has wad is listed.
bottomline, thanks to lynette(sponsor),alcina(sort of leader) and melanie(owner of the hands that bring mi bad luck) we had SOME fun.t0 those who didnt go,u realli missed out on alot :(

Sch reopens in 62days!peace out till then!

7:39 PM

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm at home, as you guys can see. It's raining on my side. Hope it's not at yours. Have fun!!


7:54 PM